Reviews for "Zombocalypse"


good game, good fun and addicting.
2 points i have to make, maybe just me but i like buying the upgrades myself, would be cool to have some speed or armor upgrades.
also when the purple headed fast zombie is eating you its incredibly hard to get away to kill him, even when you're facing him your gun doesnt work it just goes right past. other than that it was good fun

Call of Duty all the way

This game slightly reminds me of Blackopps...killin me some Zombies haha they put a rank...killstreaks and everything lol


simple controls and just an addictive game.

Nom Nom Nom

Great game. The shotgun was a little disappointing, mostly because those fast zombies kept getting too close, but other than that, super fun. Got to rank 8 on my first try. Also, I love the eating animation for the zombies when you die. It just makes me laugh.

Awesome game!

Extremely well done game, concept was simple. Layout was perfect. Time consumption was MASSIVE. One minor problem I had was that if the fast zombies got too close when you had the minigun they would get behind the actual gun and you wouldnt be able to shoot them. Otherwise it was flawless.