Reviews for "Zombocalypse"

ive wasted so many hours in my classes at school playing this game

just a very simple zombie survival game I love it


So this was cool these zombie type of games are cool and in this one there's lots of action wish you added more flashy effects on kills and action scenes the combos were really good I had fun with this one the gameplay was smooth and it keeps you entertained

Some more flashy effects on kills and action scenes


Well, I got 392 kills and I got a 108 combo. Is that good? This game just seemed too easy. Well, maybe everybody gets that number. I love zombie games. It's just great to kill over and over again.

I admit it did get a little repetitive. I kept forgetting that I could run out of ammo. It just seems to be an endless game but I'm not complaining. Dang, you're getting me in the Halloween mood! A pity you were a month early.