Reviews for "Zombocalypse"

Best zombie game on NG...

...since Day Traders of the Dead and/or Zombies Took My Daughter. This game features addictive game play and a fun leveling system. The replay value is through the roof. It is a perfect example of a "let me give one more try" game.


I loved this game, pretty simple but lots of fun, and definitely addicting.

this is great

i can't stop you get a 5/5 & a 10/10

excellent game

first go I got rank 5 then rank 10 on the second go. Very fun and easy to get into.

awesome game

but u should call jon fulton brad vickers cuz he is brad vickers^^

IronZilla responds:

That's so funny, I googled who Brad Vickers was and him and Jon Fulton coincidentally have similar plot lines haha.