Reviews for "Zombocalypse"

fun game, needs 'pause' option!

I enjoyed this game a lot, but was suuuuper vexed by the inability to pause. :/

IronZilla responds:

Press the SHIFT key :)

buggy or could be me.

Fun as all hell but i was playing on low quality and every so often the game acted as if a buttonw as being held down wasteing ammo or running me head long into a group of zombies etc. killed me after 60 kills 3 times.

Good game but has a few issues that drag it down.

1. You can't hit blue zombies who are in your face with a sniper rifle or a minigun

2. Sometimes when picking up a crate, if you spend the last bullet in your gun it will switch to the machete after you pick the new gun up.

3. The Shotgun is basically a longer ranged machete.


that guy looks like tomska

Pretty awesome, great time killer

Very fun to play, maybe for a 2nd game include more guns and different kill combo perks