Reviews for "Zombocalypse"

Spend long hours on this one

This is a fairly simple game, but the killing gets you hooked on it for hours. Although I feel that there are things that could be improved.

The upgrades to the weapon only adds to their ammo clip. Sure, it helps from the beginning of game to mid game. Once you get to 3000+ kills, the amount of zombies pouring out is pretty overwhelming for the ammo clip given. Added damage should be included.

To add on top of that, the zombies' life gets longer as you progress with the killings. At 3000+ kills, to kill a normal zombie, it'll take me 3 hacks of the machete. At this point of time, machete is pretty much my main weapon because I ran out of bullets really fast (The zombies can take alot of bullets by then) and I have issues with some of the guns.

There are weapons with too long cooldowns, it does not feel so in mid game. But when it's at the latter part of the game, Shotguns and Sniper Rifles are useless. Actually, I stopped picking up Sniper Rifles since mid-game.

Sniper Rifles are slow, and they do not really penetrate much, roughly only about 3-4 zombies? And their barrels are so long, I cannot shoot enemies in front of me. This is a big deal in later parts of the game. This is the worst weapon in the game.

Miniguns are useful despite them having long barrels like Sniper Rifles, they really could dent the population of the zombies on your screen. The bad thing is, they slow you down, way too much in my opinion. It's really impossible to run away from the Running Zombies once one of them bites you. You gotta lose that Minigun or summon help from above. Which sucks really since they do not drop that often. At least in my experience.

No matter how skillful one is with the machete, you'll still find yourself relying on the weapon crates. As the stage progress, it takes too many slashes of the machete to kill a zombie. Either the machete's swing speed/damage should be heightened.

To be fair, I did not get the last 3 weapons unlocked, maybe those final 3 weapons are God-like? And the hordes don't look so overwhelming anymore.

What he said.

I'm with Freeman, the only way to kill blue zombies that are too close is to sprint away from them... usually right into a MASSIVE HORDE. Fix that and I'll be happy.

Pretty good

After playing for a good deal of time and unlocking all the achievements and getting rank 21, i noticed 2 issues.
-First is the one that keeps popping up, the inability to kill any enemy directly on (touching) you with any firearm. I found myself being forced to use support powers while running back and fourth with a zed eating my ass because I couldnt shoot it with a heavy weapon or get away (Minigun/MFG)

-Next, I found if you pickup a weapon at just the right time while running out of ammunition on your current weapon, the game voice will declare you picked up the weapon, yet you wont receive it.

-Last is the time it takes to reach the last weapon. I understand the aspect of 'ranking up = extended gameplay', however when I killed over 6k in one go, and had the level 21 bar fill up only halfway, id had enough, the game by then was too repetitive and dull. Simply maintain a chain of weapons and use support when you have none to buy some time.


there is a pause button. its the shift key. and all in all a great game that wasted hours of my time at school. thanks for making it

Entertaining enough.

Docking major points because there's no pause button. How am I supposed to multitask if I'm forced to kill myself every time?

It's also impossible to kill one of the fast zombies with the minigun if they catch up to you while you're holding it.