Reviews for "Zombocalypse"

All I can say is....

that this doesn't need an explaination on how fun this is. I DEMAND MORE ZOMBIE-ISM GAMES FROM YOU SIR!
10/10 5/5. 'Nuff said.


I really wish I read the instructions first since I just found out you can call in support lol
Its only my 50th time playing it.

Man this should an app, really fun

A lot of talk about difficulty but its all about managing your resource and I like that.

Wish their were more backgrounds but I'm not taking any points away for that.
Score 9/10

Solid game!!!

Love That Mini Gun!!!

Incredibly addictive

Must... Play... More...

I like it =D


Taking a page from COD.

This is surprisingly good for something so simple. This is the perfect example of how a fairly simple leveling and achievement system can vastly improve a game. Always great when you've run out of ammo after the first couple thousand zombies and you have to madly dash around hoping one of the badass weapons drops before your chopper gunner inexplicably leaves you to die. That bastard. I kinda wished it pulled a bit more form COD and threw in some customizable kill combos or something, but if you overcomplicated things too much it would lose its simple charm.

The mini-gun really shouldn't allow you to fire one round at a time. With its massive ammo clip (especially after the upgrade) and its bullet penetration you can single shot well over one hundred kills with a single mini-gun, which can often be long enough to pick up another mini-gun (or some other crazy gun).

I wish some of the achievements could have been a bit more difficult. After reaching the 1000 zombies mark, you will have already killed at least a dozen snatchers and the 150 kill combo can be done with a single weapon later on in the game.