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Reviews for "Run Ninja Run !"

Its simple and not too complicated

I like it tho the sounds get annoying thats my opinion lol


Very good game, It took me 20 minutes to beat it, but it is possible.
The only complaint I have is that some of the difficulty of it felt unfair. The bridges for example. At first, every bridge you run into you are supposed to go over, so when you finally get to the level where you are supposed to fall through it, your natural instinct is to try to jump over the gap in it. This makes you run headfirst into a wall.


It's a fun game. To those who are saying it's impossible to beat cause your guy stops sliding or something, YOU HAVE TO HOLD IT DOWN.


I beat this and only thing i have in my mind: Not Easy!

Has potential

First off there were a few glitches I ran into as a played. The first one being that if you are performing an action such as slide when a helpful hint popped up in the beginning it would cause it to cancel the action making you die. If you were using down slide on a ramp down, sometimes it would force you to go into a permanent slide in the air till you hit something and died. If you tried to slide on an upward hill, you would sometimes randomly die.

There are a few things that I wish were added that weren't such as a reset button for the stage. If you miss a gold item or such you would be force to wait till you die and then click to go back to the beginning. Having a button such as r to reset the stage quickly would make extra achievers to be happy. Also a walk through for the gold would be nice, it does seem like 1 or 2 pieces of gold throughout the game is impossible to get so if it was possible, it's nice to see how.

Some stuff with the game I didn't like was how the attack can mess up the rhythm of your run. The down slide would increase speed which is nice but so glitchy you will probably die. It seems like you were focusing on making the animations look nice that you forgot to make sure the game play isn't effected too much.

As for a run game, it's pretty good, nothing too special. The animation is nice and fluid but the controls are a little loose and the game wants you to do complete precise things with loose controls. There are also some random paths that will kill you which is annoying in a game like this with no real reset button, I would honestly either take them out or add like arrows(I know there are a couple safe paths on some though). The random deaths are just annoying because they have nothing to do with skill. Also the leveling is almost pointless it seems.

This game I would half recommend, it's fun but very frustrating with the glitches, lack of reset and loose controls. It definitely loses appeal to complete the game towards the end.