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Reviews for "Run Ninja Run !"

Interesting and different

Right, so I wasn't able to finish the game before writing this because I didn't want to forget and whatever. Speaking of which, it would be nice if there was something to display how far through the game one has progressed, because I have absolutely no idea.
Anyway, as I started playing I was thinking it would be good to have some horizontal control of the player, because if mess up the tempo even the tiniest bit you can't correct it in many cases. Later on though, i realized that it might actually add to the game's individuality, even though there are other games out there with such limitation.
I do not agree with previous comments that hitting the ceiling or running into walls should not kill you, because there would no longer be a point in the game, and hitting your head on a hard ceiling while running is indeed likely to knock you out.
Someone also mentioned they were not able to retain the money they had gained - I do no know if perhaps he is having a separate issue, but it seemed intentional to me that when you die on a level, you do not receive anything from it. In other words, I always got the money when i completed the level, but again, I'm not sure if his/her problem is unique.
Aside from the above, the other thing I really have to say is that the game seems to take a lot of trial and error. It seems virtually impossible to complete a level in one go (although that could just be me), and as I already mentioned, if you mess up the tempo, you are dead.
Parting thoughts (that I forgot to mention earlier), you may want to mention somewhere that if an enemy is stationed under a low hanging area, you should simply attack, and not try to duck as you usually would. I had to find this out from trial and error, and as far as i can tell, attempting to duck and attack at the same time does not work (it has not worked once for me).

Anyway, it's an amusing game, but could use a little work - potentially as little as explaining some of the above in the intro.

Sorry for the long rant, wasn't really in the mindset to write a "short and sweet," but hope some of it was usefull.

I like the idea

But he don't always jump when you hit the jump button, and when it tells me how to slide I hit down but he jumps into the wall. I think there are bugs that need to be fixed!

Not as good as I had hoped

The graphics are nice and the concept certainly seems entertaining. However, when I got to the first step of the tutorial, the game wouldn't respond. I kept pressing up and nothing happened. Maybe it's just my computer, but please look into it.

Also, maybe you should try to included some legit Japanese phrases next time instead of some strange dialect in the beginning. It would make a great..."earcandy," I guess?

Overall, good art and idea, but bad functionality and not enough action (according to the previous reviewers). With a few tweaks it could be better.
Good try, though.


To everyone having problems with the slide tutorial killing them: When it pops up -hold- the down arrow and don't let go till you're past the obstacle. Don't try to slide before it pops up or just tap the button.

Anyways, game was pretty boring. I recommend more speed, the slow pace is what really kills it.

epic glitch

sometimes when you slide into air you stay in the air.