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Reviews for "Run Ninja Run !"

looks rather promising

But the glitches! For one I do not get to keep any money that I gained, and secondly the timing in the duck tutorial is so that it makes living impossible. Please, fix these things so we can actually play the game!


This game adds new and interesting stuff into a genre of game that is almost always exactly the same as the last.however, you shouldn't die from hitting the side of a ledge or the ceiling of a tunnel. It should be based on falling off of the map only.

Stupid tooltip

the tool tip on the first level that explains how to duck keeps getting me killed since you can't duck while it is there and it doesn't appear till you would need to duck.

Ninja please.

Loved it.

Eh it was okay...

I hate how if you take on a ninja in the forest level with the big sword you run into the wall. But the rest was good.