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Reviews for "Run Ninja Run !"


You dont keep the money you got and sometimes he just dont jump...

kinda sucked

I REALLY disliked how if you touch a wall, you die. Even if you would have landed on ground and kept running in most other games. Also, needs to be faster to be more fun. Not a bad idea, i guess, but needs a few things fixed to get a 10/10.


it would have better if ninja would have ran faster


you cannot beat this game because the jump barely works. i had to press the up key 4-5 times before my character actually jumped. also the time between slides is off. once i slid for about 3 seconds and other times i slid for about 1 second and then my character went back up and i died. at first i thought it was my computer, but when i played another game similar to this one it was fine. there are alot of bugs that desperately need to be fixed. im sorry but i got to rate this 0 because of inability to even play.