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Reviews for "Run Ninja Run !"


dont play it, simple as that

Awesome Concept

Somewhat glitchy game play.

the up grade system has a huge flaw. since the levels require so many jumps in a row, and you have an open ended leveling system, you become trapped with no way to upgrade. GAME OVER.

otherwise, cool idea, just needs to be play tested more.

fun, but sooo glitchy

i liked the concept but in all honestly there were to many glitches. i died at least 25 times due to no reason what so ever. if it was improved alot i can see it being a decent game.

Glitchy glitchy glitchy

End part of the game basically involved me getting killed by bad coding.
If you slide at the top of a ramp, you start sliding forward in mid-air until you hit a mountain. I think that was the most entertaining part of this game.


There are none