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Reviews for "Run Ninja Run !"

Needs alot of improvement.

This game is very hard to play, it took me 7 times to complete the first level, and with how hard it is, it was most infuriating to not keep the gold if you lost so you could improve. Not a well made game. 2/10

Inconsistent mechanics

Started off awesome, but the further I got the more bugs i found. Dashing over edges without falling, tiny bumps in hills that randomly kill you, slopes and catapults that may randomly fling you just a bit off course, either making you miss all the gold or simply smash you into the intended landing ledge.

Then when the mechanics are already chaotic enough, you throw in shuriken which spawn at inconsistent intervals at inconsistent heights. The first level they are in i spent the first 10-15 attempts by simply sliding under them and killing the ninja until the height was lowered and my strategy killed me every time.

I don't know much about game design, but it seemed to be that the varying speed is to blame for most of these problems; especially if you simply want to drop down and instead hit your head on the abrupt low-hanging wall in front of it.

I started as a 9 rating and worked my way down until I became fed up and stopped playing.

Appearance: 9
Concept: 7
Intended gameplay: 9
Actual gameplay: 1

Decent game

berryboy is kinda right. the beginning is a somewhat racist.

but something i really liked about the game was that the controls were really responsive. graphics weren't too shabby either. also, the "Run Ninja Run" in the beginning was pretty funny.

a couple things i didn't like were how sloppy the in-game music was, especially the 2nd version. i also dont like how you cant go back and play previous levels until you play all the way through.

with some fine tuning and maybe a little more varietly, i could see this flash being top-notch

not that bad

needs some fixing, the fact that the instruction interrupt you just before you need to do something it's annoying, really, died about 10 times trying to slide
At some points you can hover when you slide from a border, just keep sliding and you'll float for a bit
Also, for some reason while going up a hill I got killed, how? dunno, just happened when I was landing after attacking in the air

(still loling at the "racist" comment....someone want's american ninjas to save the world yet again)

Red White + Blue but mostly White

Very racist and mocking of the Asian culture.
The game is also very glitchy and not fined tuned properly.
The upgrade system is also not very suited.

Instructions actually get the player killed...why?