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Reviews for "Run Ninja Run !"

very entertaining game but...

it only needs a mute button.

Can't rate what I can't play.

The game froze at my very first jump. The music keeps playing, the footsteps keep sounding, but all the visual world is stuck with my character in mid-pose, with a sign over him saying PRESS UP KEY TO JUMP.

I've restarted the game twice now, and it's not my computer, it's not my keyboard, and it's not my internet connection, so I can only blame a bug in the game. 2/10 for an interesting title screen and intro.

Addictive, Plain AWESOME!

The controls are easy, the concept is simple.
And the music is just so super-awesome!


on the final level of village, hold down the slide button, it'll send you flying


not such bad game. but the glitches kills it.

Sliding in mid-air makes you float. you can then splat yourself on the wall all you like..
Sliding while running upward makes you die for some reason.
you can jump-slide infinitly. but its useless since you splat against a wall.
spamming slide makes you die
spamming jump makes you die
spamming attack makes you die
you cant slide more than half a second. hence, you die if you dont use it mroe than once, but you die since it reset at second slide.
killing an enemy makes you die...

ok so where's the playing part?