Reviews for "Crystal Story"


i just love playing rpgs but sometimes u need to play them on the computer
they game is just great that crab boss however annoyed me abit but i solved it later
well whatever this game is so good i cant even stop playing it

Great game

The game is very addicting as well as funny.I loved the artwork too.

Warning, warning this is a spoiler:
the secret medal is somehere in the menu

Hiper cool but

Wtf dargon got 3 phases he is fucking invencible you must be level 20 or WTF to defeat him

A (Crystal) Story for the Ages

When I first started playing, I first noticed the names of the characters and the type of story it was going to be, and thought "This looks like a well-made parody." Indeed, it was - is! - an excellent game with few bugs or problems.

Simply put, this is an amazing flash game. I just made it through the first 25 floors and I'm fighting my way to the bottom of the Evil Cave (if it has one). I've already recommended it to a few friends of mine, and as I continue to play it, I continue to enjoy it. I do notice a couple of problems, however.

1) Tristam is wearing a high-level piece of armor that protects him from statuses; however, when his resistance is compromised, it becomes equally hard to heal him during battle. He resists the healing as much as the statuses!
2) More of a nitpick, but the Legendary equipment sometimes leaves a little to be desired. In some cases, this is understandable (one item that raises all stats only raises them half as much as an equivalent item that boosts only two); in others - weapons, really - not so much. Is there any way Legendary weapons a little better for their rarity?

All the same, I am continuing to enjoy the game immensely, and I hope to see more of it and others like it from you! Keep up the wonderful work!

P.S.: I think I am playing an older version... I will have to try the most recent update. (When I completely beat the version I'm on, of course!)

Now, if only Hiro would stop taking credit for himself...