Reviews for "Crystal Story"

Addictive As Final Fantasy

Gameplay 10/10
Even though it mimics Final fantasy they have make a great game with many of the aspects that made final fantasy great. Its simple menus instead of a town makes everything easy to go to and the hassle of going to the edge of town for a quest or something. Everything from ff is taken and simplified with a good sense of progression and pleanty of side quests.

Music 10/10
Great music all around, the music really gives areas a certain tone which was very eerie and exciting.

Lasting Impression 10/10
Simple and Clean and will remind me heavily of the old jrpgs in the nes and psx era.

Replay Value 8/10
Well this game had good replay value on the grounds that it was a rpg but lacked anything such as a mini-game like many other rpgs have done.

Graphics 10/10
Colorful, Clean, Cute all things the graphics are in such a nice anime style. Perfect in every way in my mind.

Overall 10/10
A masterpiece and should be played over and over again.


love how you got the names from final fantasy mystic quest for the SNES thats one of my favorite games ever

Great RPG.

Nuff Said.

awesome, well done, great upgrade system, the fights are easy to manage and enjoyable in there ease of playability and no two runs through are ever the same due to the skill trees differential, well done indeed and I hope to see more like it :)

niiiiiiice! love the battle sprites/figures/whatever they call em now.

the music is annoying though. haha. but I like it because it reminds me of Port Parm in Grandia.