Reviews for "Crystal Story"


in my perspective i cant find a word to describe how great this game is.also surprisingly even where i am at now just floor 15 i see myself wantting to battle.they dont get so repetitive and the music is upbeat and even entertaining.oh and i can dive my characters into classes like attacker healer back up etc..for example the girl that larns double shot works great as attacker for me and so do the rest in their own classes i the gamer could think .so just to end this and keep playing this masterpiece great game mate great game :)

nice game

I totally agree with ArcadeMan09 old school RPG nice job man

Crysis 2

Crysis is revolucionary. The idea of a futuristic armor is-- Wit, this is not crysis, is it?


Pretty good for the most part, i also like the mini game that broke up the dungeon crawling