Reviews for "Crystal Story"

Very awsome

I have one Question, did you get the character names from the side characters from Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest? If not, that makes for a hilarious coincidence.

Lan14n responds:

That is a great game! First rpg I played! :D

this is possibly the best non-commercial game

i have ever played.

the RPG strategic elements are implemented perfectly, there is unbelievable amounts of content, the battles (though pretty easy when you have +mag and +atk all) are exciting and keep you on your toes if you dont know how to power up, and its just a fun experience.

the only "negative" is that the armory makes the game a little too easy, but thats if you know how to abuse it ;)

you are a saint among indie game developer.

fcking brilliant. love my oldschool turn based, and i sense a breath of fire influence as well. favorited for later. 100/100

First good RPG I have found on NG so great job cant wait for the sequal!

Omg i remember playing this 2 years ago on an arcade site! It was so fun and i loved it! So glad i found it again! 10/10 Best game!!!