Reviews for "Crystal Story"


isin't it funny that Kaeli missis the enemy even dou you can clearly see her hiting it

A little bit more and it will be the best forever.

This is by FAAAAR the best RPG on Newgrounds. It's fresh and funny but again some minor improvements are needed like items are shown on the characters instead of just staying the same throughout all the game and things like that.

just wow

man, this game is insane!
diversity between floors is just amazing, enemies randomly use better spells, battle and map music is just as good.
only cons i can sum up for you at this point is that bosses are just too weak and i miss the spell/attack effects.
tho this is just a flashgame, i bet there is something u could improve on those ends. apart from that this game's got me hooked for a few hours so far and still going!
p.s kaeli and phoebe are amazing, as soon as they got scattershot and poison all atk they rocked (with a rare weapon and good purple gear tho :) )


+Original story
+Nice Song
+Good for RPG fans and starters
+Nice difficulty
+funny lines
+Nice equipment and skill (and Omnislash from FFVII :D)
+good cave random dungeon cave generator
+Nice animation
+Nice strategic battle system
-CANT FLEE OR RUN WHILE IN BATTLE (or please tell me wheres the escape button in battle :p).
Additional Positive review
+Side quests and mini game
+Upgrading your equipment

A (Crystal) Story for the Ages

When I first started playing, I first noticed the names of the characters and the type of story it was going to be, and thought "This looks like a well-made parody." Indeed, it was - is! - an excellent game with few bugs or problems.

Simply put, this is an amazing flash game. I just made it through the first 25 floors and I'm fighting my way to the bottom of the Evil Cave (if it has one). I've already recommended it to a few friends of mine, and as I continue to play it, I continue to enjoy it. I do notice a couple of problems, however.

1) Tristam is wearing a high-level piece of armor that protects him from statuses; however, when his resistance is compromised, it becomes equally hard to heal him during battle. He resists the healing as much as the statuses!
2) More of a nitpick, but the Legendary equipment sometimes leaves a little to be desired. In some cases, this is understandable (one item that raises all stats only raises them half as much as an equivalent item that boosts only two); in others - weapons, really - not so much. Is there any way Legendary weapons a little better for their rarity?

All the same, I am continuing to enjoy the game immensely, and I hope to see more of it and others like it from you! Keep up the wonderful work!

P.S.: I think I am playing an older version... I will have to try the most recent update. (When I completely beat the version I'm on, of course!)