Reviews for "Feed Us"


make a 2nd one wit more uopgrades

Nice game, crap controls

It's fun and a nice concept but the controls just feel awful. The fish tend to be all over the place and seem to be lagging a bit. One problem I keep running into is knocking people out of their boats and they fly off screen, which feels really annoying. If the controls were improved a bit and people were less likely to fly off screen, or in one case I had happen the piranha was eating the guy and it bumped him off screen, I think this could be a fun game. One thing I really liked was upgrading and seeing the upgrades upon order.

Nice but...

I like it alot but sometimes it hangs in the menu and it is just too slow. There is not that much happening that should decrease the framerate so much. Now I don't have worlds fastest laptop but it is very able to run a flashgame properly. Have you considered bitmap or animation caching? For lets say the blood part. That really does wonders.

Great game! I enjoyed playing although I noticed that even though you consumed the required amount of blood you still couldn't advance to the next area at some times. Some ideas for future patches:

- Upgrades that allow you to kill a shark (could even be a metal)
- A bigger map so that you could take down larger ships, and even ones that throw harpoons.
- More sharks as well as more varieties of them in the bigger map.

Overall, a fun game to play!

needs more woork and fix the lag every time i try to upgrade my deal it stays at thr meun