Reviews for "Feed Us"


the game itself is pretty good but theres a bug that wont let me go past area 2 eventhough i have over 5 liters of blood when u only need 4 please fix

Great game but....

Great game, original bloodthirsty premise but annoyingly difficult to control the fish. The number of times I had my fish jump wildly off screen and not return for up to 10 secs drove me mad. An improved mouse following code would improve this game greatly.

not that great

i thought this was going to be a good game but in needs lots of work. it makes me fell like not playing it again :(

hmm. Uhhh.....

It's......Ok. it has it's own style, and it's own gameplay, but it just got boring after a while.

Poorly designed

I once had a guy float in the air.
I once got stuck in the bottom-right corner of the screen
It is impossible to eat people who are floating on the sides since the fish swims faster the farther it is from the mouse, but only if it's in the screen.
...even worse when they're floating on the water
And people can drift in a direction that is opposite from where the water is supposedly flowing.
And sharks are not hungry for people?
Apparently hitting the water after a jump stuns my 30-pound piranha.
And apaprently this takes place on the moon considering the physics of my piranha's jumps (then again, my computer isn't running this at full speed even at low quality)

I also don't want to spend a second admiring my ugly piranha while I am trying to buy upgrades or check how much blood I need. I dunno about you, but I'd prefer to skip the drama, upgrade, and quickly go back to the game.

It's a great concept. Upgrades are some pretty awesome shit. However, the controls are pretty bad near the edges of the screen and the slow running speed didn't make my experience as well as it could have been.