Reviews for "Feed Us"

Gruesome but Flawed

Where to begin? The game idea is perfect, a bloody feast of a collecting game. The graphics and music don't bother me, I could have lived with it because the overall game is fun. EXCEPT the mouse controls just plain suck! Fighting with the controls to play the game makes it a buzz kill.


Concept was good, but the controls suffered

It was a really fun concept, so that's where a lot of the points came from on this game. I even enjoyed most of the upgrades even though I really didn't notice much of a difference in the piranha attacks. It would have also been nice if the piranha was large enough that I could have seen a visual change in its appearance other than on the upgrade screen. Like the teeth got sharper on the upgrade screen, but it was the same fish on the game screen, it just seemed to take away from upgrading.

My biggest complaint were the controls on this game, they were pretty unfriendly to the user. I found it very difficult to keep good control of my fish unless I moved my mouse extremely slow, and even then it wasn't too accurate. I also found attacking people painfully frustrating because even moving the mouse around like crazy wouldn't necessarily ensure that the piranha would attack. I would of been more happy if this was a "awsd" game, or God forbid, a game where I had to click to attack. At least with clicking I would know that I was attacking, as is I just kept moving my mouse around like crazy hoping to hell that it would attack.

A few other things took away from the game also. When I knocked someone out of a boat, the person still in the boat would continue to move on ignoring the fact that the only other person in the boat with them was gone. Have them at least stop the boat and try and help the person back in. This goes the same for the people in the kayak, have them at least try and get back in their boat, if they do then have them paddle off faster, it would make it more interesting Also, the propellers would hurt me, but the person in the water that just got run over by the propeller didn't get hit at all, seemed like a glitch at first, but then I realized that was the way it was made.

Again, a really good concept, and with a few tweaks this could be a really good game. Hope to see another one.

More Frustrating Than Fun - Not Recommended

This game's detail certainly earns it some respect, but, at the same time, its far more abundant oversights of fundamental mechanics really mar the experience. Here are a few things that made game-play "off": the piranha moves progressively more slowly as it approaches the cursor, making precise movements difficult and clunky; the terribly low gravity makes jumping out of the water (which occurs often and is oftentimes involuntary) terribly time consuming; the seedling piranhas' following function is sloppy and delayed, this makes moving them out of harm's way extremely difficult; there is no timer, I highly recommend applying one.

I condemn 'Feed Us' and do not recommend it.

I keep getting stuck under the bottom of the level because I fly off screen so far when jumping out of water (usually because I'm trying to avoid a shark), and there's no way to get back besides waiting for end of level of hoping a shark actually can reach me there, where they usually can't. Sad.

The shark comes every 2 seconds and is very annoying. Would rate higher without the shark being so frequent and annoying.