Reviews for "Feed Us"

Fun with a side order of "eh"

With a pretty minor amount of grinding, you can get all the upgrades fairly easily... which isn't necessarily a bad thing, I don't like games that just cheapskate you for the sake of added difficulty. But it does leave you with very little to do after that but spend your leftover blood on replacing your minions. Would be nice if there was a final upgrade you could get that would let you eat the sharks... they're really more of a nuisance than a threat, since my reaction is never "Oh no a shark I'm in danger of dying!" and always "Oh great, a shark, now I've gotta stop what I'm doing, jump over it, and then sit there doing nothing for a few seconds while my fish recovers from jumping."

I did enjoy the graphics, especially the way stuff shifts and moves around when you upgrade, so I wish there'd been even more of that. But it's also why the ending was so utterly disappointing. I thought a game that had such strange and dark style would have at least a gory or weird final image to go with the ending, but it was just a "You are winner!" screen and a continue button. Complete letdown.

Fun, stylish, but doesn't live up to its potential. The lazy ending alone annoyed me enough to knock a few points off.


pretty good but gets boring really quick. too simple i think.

The one thing i didn't like about this game was that it would not let my weight go any higher then 35 but other then that it was pretty good.

When my first other piranha died: "My son died.... IM A TERRIBLE FATHER!"
When my piranha died: "Oh okay."

I still cant progress in this game. even after 4 years. it says "need 25 liters of blood consumed" but doesn't matter if i get 1 or 50 liter in the available stage, at once, or a 100 with many tries. doesn't matter if i spend the blood... I still cant unlock the next stage. i got 49 in one try on the latest stage. it wont let me get through.