Reviews for "Feed Us"

some kind of good....

.....some kind of bad

-stearing is sometimes annoying. (jumping miles ou of water when trying to eat swimmers)
-spended the last 20 secs with waiting for victims, after 20 liters in the 25 liter-level and the only one that came by was the shark.(4 times)

-the mainidea is great, hope to see a sequal.


make a 2nd one wit more uopgrades

pretty cool

Its a pretty cool game. That piranha is one bad ass looking mo fo! I got stuck and/or lost a few times which was annoying. It seemed to really like to ling you into the air and that hang time is just agonizing when there is flesh to be mauled.


I love the concept I don't mind the upgrades I like the animation I don't mind the strategy. But come on I can't even know when I am attacking and I have trouble seeing where my cursor is once its on your screen and then I have to use an invisible mouse to help control jittery fish to attack a person that I have them all waving around and doing nothing. Click to attack or something would be great also the suggestion on it being a WASD game might not be bad. So just work on it I am looking forward to a 1.1 or even a second game as long as you adress these issues. Congrats other than the one major issue the game was pretty good.

Fun but buggy

There are some crazy kinks in this, including people who "swim" right off into the air, and fish getting trapped in the rocks at the bottom of the screen.