Reviews for "Feed Us"

really glitchy and bad controls but is decent fun

Theme of game is fun, awesome idea and graphics. The control is horrid and seems like the game itself lags??? i know its not my computer or internet...A few glitches where the swimmers are stuck outside of the water treading air? LOL fish out of water... fun game but alot of stuff needs to be fixed.

nice, but...

very nice game, but there are 3 points that gives (at least to me) the sensation one is wasting time.

1) when you buy upgrades, so sloooow
2) when you finish all the flesh (oops, sorry, blood) in the stage and no more is coming near,

maybe i'm the only one feeling that, but i think you should add a "skip" button in those points, the third is

3) the slow down when is off water... well, it makes the jump totally unworthy, hit a boat four times is faster or at least more funny than look that cretin fly for ages in air, wondering if you should light a sigarette before you regain control...


It's fun to play and easy to learn, but it's very limited, and the control over the fish feels clumsy at best.

Not to mention that it's over before you realize. Way too short IMHO

good fun game

the people can sometimes start swimming in the air though

Nice Game

But unfortunatly it gets really laggy the second the people fall in the water making the game very difficult to play and enjoy. If something could be done about the lag from all the objects on the screen at once then it would score higher but as is the game is more tedious then fun.