Reviews for "Feed Us"

Unnecessary features = Unnecessary bugs

Features like seaweed are poorly designed because the fish sometimes simply get stuck in it. Fun game overall.

nom nom nom

great game man

Fun game!

Great idea for a game and alot of fun to play too. Its like that old msdos game I used to play in elementary school. Steves pond or something.

awesome game

couldnt stop playing it. looking forward to a second one.

FRIKIN SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i liked it it was perfectly balanced in the way of gore its a realy addictive game and i was up from 9.56pm -3.26am playing this awsome game i just loved how you could get 21 paranas and just devouwer an old pregnate woman.

please do continue making games like this and if its possible make an exstention.