Reviews for "Feed Us"

Expected a lil' more...

First off, I'd like to state that I'm impressed with creative twist on a "collect" game. It was quite fun being able to control a massive horde of pirhanas to completely massacre people, haha. However, I was disappointed to find out that there were only about 6 levels, and I was hoping for at least 10. Graphics were basic for the most part, but the blood looked quite gruesome. As for the overall gameplay, I believe that it was way too easy and expected more of a challenge. Overall though, I enjoyed playing this game and would recommend it to others. Again though, as I stated previously, I just expected a lil' more out of it(more levels, maybe a difficulty option, etc.), but other than that it was lots of fun.


very good game

love it:p

for some reason all the chicks look prego other than that its baddass

funny :)

little sadistic but funny :)


It's fun to play and easy to learn, but it's very limited, and the control over the fish feels clumsy at best.

Not to mention that it's over before you realize. Way too short IMHO