Reviews for "The Book of Living Magic"

Eye loved it

Fun and short. Impressive amount of detail. Eye usually don't like cheesy endings, but this was so beautifully written that it worked. Eye only take off points for the graphics, eye didn't like them that much. It's absurdly underrated in meye opinion.

If you're looking for a brain buster, you meyeght want to look elsewhere. Eye doubt you'll find it here. This game is very simple and relaxed, with more talking and story-telling than puzzles. Eye think it's more an interactive movie than a game.


Deserves a high score

Graphics, sound and gameplay-wise i'd say that its average.
What impresses me is the story and the morals you guys were trying to show and how you showed it.i also find the characters and other details about the Mountain of Oddness and the Land of Dreams interesting. it reinforces the story well.

I think that the game becomes too text-heavy on some occassions, though. i understand that its part of how the story and setting was fleshed-out but i think that there has to be some other way to do it.

Well anyway these are just my opinions.
Great job overall.

A very good game

This was a great game. It was quite short if you just click your way through, but if you read all the conversations it gives a whole lot more. But maybe you could make your next game a little bit longer, and maybe adding a few puzzles or something like that.

I especially enjoyed this:
"Hey, did you know the Chamavi Birka-Ast Size 74 was used by Puinenpää of Peruna to clean his boots after his famous second victory in the Marshes of Mutainen Paska"

Awesome! So many little details about all of the objects in the game were delightful (i kinda nerded at the annotated history of hyrule :P
fantastic job, cute game, and a good lesson to be taught

This was a very touching story to me. The puzzles were great and so was the music 4 stars!