Reviews for "The Book of Living Magic"


I love all the Quest for Glory references. I also saw a Monkey Island reference in there.

N'Grass said the broom was size 81 and the stick he gave you was size 79, yet the broom wasn't long enough to reach the button and the stick was. Very strange.

That one short tune that plays during cut scenes is just wonderful. When that one-legged robot was flying on the pegasus it nearly brought tears to my eyes.


At first I thought the writing in this game would be a bit heavy-handed, but it actually was hilarious and unexpected throughout. This is a fantastically odd point-and-click game!

So awesome!

That was great! Really great game. Well done!

wow Well done

At first i didnt read it was an other game but it was really well done half way in i started to read and not randomly click thing and great story line and though the hand drawn animation was diffrent you did a really great job with it keep it up was a great story :)

Deserves a high score

Graphics, sound and gameplay-wise i'd say that its average.
What impresses me is the story and the morals you guys were trying to show and how you showed it.i also find the characters and other details about the Mountain of Oddness and the Land of Dreams interesting. it reinforces the story well.

I think that the game becomes too text-heavy on some occassions, though. i understand that its part of how the story and setting was fleshed-out but i think that there has to be some other way to do it.

Well anyway these are just my opinions.
Great job overall.