Reviews for "The Book of Living Magic"

Eye loved it

Fun and short. Impressive amount of detail. Eye usually don't like cheesy endings, but this was so beautifully written that it worked. Eye only take off points for the graphics, eye didn't like them that much. It's absurdly underrated in meye opinion.

If you're looking for a brain buster, you meyeght want to look elsewhere. Eye doubt you'll find it here. This game is very simple and relaxed, with more talking and story-telling than puzzles. Eye think it's more an interactive movie than a game.


Awesome! So many little details about all of the objects in the game were delightful (i kinda nerded at the annotated history of hyrule :P
fantastic job, cute game, and a good lesson to be taught

This was a very touching story to me. The puzzles were great and so was the music 4 stars!

Am I the only one who got bored of to many talks?

The chats are so long, I got bored that I even rather a book right now... Sorry, but at least you could do it a little bit less texty and more action. Good storyline but this is my opinion

Great game!

Very creative game. Music was great (repetitive, but not annoying). Story was good, and I love the amount of detail in the scenes. I had a blast reading the description of every eyeball in the forest-- never got bored with it. All in all, great game. The artwork prolly could've used some help but I think you're aware ("this ball may be floating" lol), but other than that, great. Maybe the environments could be graphically interactive too, instead of just static scenes? Also, once I read everything there was to read/click on in the environments, the game became a little bit of a chore, going from one person to the next to get this thing or that, with nothing much changing. I had more fun talking to the characters before I ever started collecting items.

p.s. Not sure how many people on NG have actually played the first Hero's Quest game ("So You Want To Be A Hero?"), but I thought the references were awesome. Also caught a Zelda reference and a couple of LoTR refrences. Any I missed?