Reviews for "Alight (in dreams)"

Touching, worldess to describe this game's wonders

Very touching game, this reminds me of that one game, oh, by 2darray, Company of Myself, that's it. With the sad story accompanying in a fairly simple game.
So touching, and some of the levels were a little complicated. I had to get to the end for the story.

loving it to the end

I don't see why the complains about gameplay. Every levels seems designed cleverly that I develop skill on controlling my character while keep getting challenged. I enjoy the flight so much.

Story wise, it is a fantastic story but I already guess what happens from beginning because you mention smell of smoke on the story. If say, that is removed, I would questioning what happen and what are the meaning of everything around especially with the sound of fire crackles and broken items when you pick one of the items.

I love how there are diff challenges and story wsith different objects though regretablly I only replay the game once to get all the clocks.

I also have two questions:
- Are there different endings for full feathers and full candles?
- Is it actually possible to reach an end of level 8 instead just disappear?
- What does the cloakman give and means on the level 8?

And a request:
- playable lvl 8 on the menu

So annoying

Great game but god dammit the "return to the ****" puzzles were so ANNOYING!!!!


YEAH!... This is a GREAT game!, very simple, but that makes it just mmm cool :3; I Love it!


That was awesome,newgrounds needs more games and flashes like this one