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Reviews for "Alight (in dreams)"

Worst. Game. Ever.

There's no plot plain and simple it was stupid

Not too many games like this out there.

At first I wasn't sure what to think of it. It was a little basic, and a bit slow for my taste... But patience truly pays off in this one, as the story is what really kept me going. (As depressing as it may be.)

The best thing about this is that I couldn't help myself from getting emotional at times. Which is a huge thing for a flash game to accomplish in my book. I loved the way the story was told and how everything was wrapped up so nicely at the end. With a bit of a twist, even. I've gotta say, for the most part, I was really satisfied when I completed it. I've ever played a game that's made me feel the way this one has.

5/5 - 10/10 Excellent job.

A great excuse to use the same scenery repeatedly

Bad controls, numbing puzzles, unenjoyable monotony. Someone needs to explain to that when you make a game and try to make it artsy, flesh out the mechanics and playability first.

Good, but not amazing.

First off, I want to say that I'm hesitant to say it's a GOOD game. As one reviewer mentioned about seven or so pages back, it's basically a very simple game wrapped in fancy paper. And it is -- the game play, while difficult at times due to the rather annoying (in my personal opinion,) controls, there isn't really anything that stands out. It's a maze made more difficult by limited flight and walls/crows that will transport you backwards. Obviously, as you can probably tell by this review, that aspect really annoyed me. I'm not sure what the point of making you have limited flight was, when you could have given the player the ability limitlessly and achieved more of the 'flying in your dreams' feel you were going for. The crows, also, confused me as to why you couldn't touch them -- at least the walls made sense *SPOILERHERE* because it's the smoke from the end of the game. *ENDSPOILER*

The story, to be perfectly honest, wasn't all that catching, in my opinion. If you're going to have a game with mediocre gameplay, I think it is important to have a story that will make a player want to keep playing, something that just did not happen in my opinion. The only thing that kept me playing was my OCD reluctance to leave things unfinished/quit. And before anyone cries 'you're just insensitive you clearly have never felt anything,' I lost my father at age nine. I have felt the things described in this story. Even so, I just felt like it fell short. The basis was good, but there wasn't anything between levels that made you itch to know more -- the end of each level felt like the end of a separate story, one I could leave at any time and feel like it had ended. Had it been a cliff-hanger at the end of each level, I think perhaps the story would have been achieved better. I WILL, however, say that *SPOILER AGAIN* when I played, I got the ending where he does want to survive, and that ending (of the two I've seen) was VERY well done, in my opinion. I literally got chills when I read that he remembered he forgot to blow out the candle, and those chills did not go away when he woke up, telling himself how to get out of the burning room. Major kudos *END SPOILER*

Lastly, since I'm on the topics of endings anyway, I want to say that unfortunately, I had no drive to check out the multiple endings. Or rather, I should say I had no drive to PLAY the game again to get the multiple endings. Thankfully, I got a different ending than the one the walkthrough shows, so I saw a second ending, but as I understand it, there is a secret third ending that is... disturbing? I don't know -- while I would love to see it, I have absolutely no interest in replaying the game. It was too tedious to me for that. That being said, however, if the author is reading this, perhaps you could post more than one walkthrough, one for each of the endings. (Although I realize that they are likely not you playing the game, and are fans, making this request only achievable as players complete the game and post playthroughs of their own.)

tl;dr -- Gameplay: eh. Story: pretty decent. Multiple endings: compelling, but would have been more compelled if the gameplay was better.

awesome !!!!!!!!!

One of my favorite games I have ever played ! Music is awesome, and the story is interesting.I love the entire game !!!!