Reviews for "Alight (in dreams)"


i didn't find lvl 8. and i think there are a little too less safespots in level 6... it's reaally hard with all those birds... but apart from that the story was good and i kinda liked th egame =D


great story, game, music
Keep on keeping on
BTW can someone send me the song title

I don't know how I played as long as I did

I think there's a really confusing sense of desparation and frustration one can get playing this sometimes... I feel like I spent too much time not knowing what I was doing wrong and it made me want to stop playing. It took all my patience not to blam it cause I assume it's a good game for plenty but those perpetual failures with nothing to take away from them for the next try made the whole experience seem very futile

it was wonderful

I loved the music and the story, I beat every level with all three items to see all the different versions of the story and I found level 8, this game is well thought through and well designed. I had a strange sensation after playing this game, good job

awesome dream

where did you get that idea dude? you must be crazy or high to do a game like that haha, amazing game sadly i just need one more medal but i'm too lazy for it haha, anyway keep on rockin' dude