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Reviews for "Alight (in dreams)"

very nice

okay who cares if starting is complicated and it has a predictable storyline, it is a nice game and even with the storyline it still is unique with its pixel style and gameplay

Excellent game

I haven't logged onto Newgrounds in such a long damn time. But I had to log in just to bash a few fucking retards who complained about stupid shit. "Oh the controls aren't that good," or "story wasn't good enough", or even worse, engine complaints like; "Stop using it. Get off your butt, and program your own game." from people who have'nt even made a game of their own and probably can't even handle AS2 let alone AS3 and so on.

My ratings: Controls - 10. Yes they got hard at times. But if it was "limitless flying" then it wouldn't be difficult and then wouldn't be a game.
Graphics - 10. Sure you see a lot of games with this style. But it fit perfectly in with the game play and story.
Story - 10. The story is what made me complete the game. Not the game play itself. When if comes to flash games that says ALOT. I liked how depressing it was and I'm a happy go lucky person. So awesome job to the author.

Don't worry about the so called "critics" as they aren't even really that. And to all the fucking tards complaining about the engine, submit your own fucking work before telling someone else to create something from scratch on their own.

With that said, I probably wont log onto this account again for a long long time or until another company buys flash and changes the AS again. Only felt like I had to defend something that for once was good from the dumbshits. Peace and chicken grease bitches!

Just awesome.

I played the game to the end and really loved the storyline, I guess I knew a bit how it was going to end, you did great.

Havent logged in in years.. had to review.

This game is pretty awesome man. very artistic. yes the engine isnt cutting edge and the game felt slow. but real games, and good games arent action packed and bloody. Real games are works of art. and this game was a work of art. the smoke dialogue was awesome. thoughts going through the characters head as they progressed through memories and dreams. This reminded me a lot of a very popular game called Cloud. This game was solid. great music, great artistic value, its obvious you were going for art on this game. so graphics and engine arent important. The controls were simple. a gorrila could play this game effectively. Great game man.

Attn all flash "artists": STOP USING FLIXL

I'm dead serious about this. That engine? It's not that good. Every game made with it has the same looks and bad controls. Stop using it. Get off your butt, and program your own game. Maybe then, you'll spend some time actually thinking about how to make it enjoyable.