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Reviews for "Alight (in dreams)"


Seriously?! No one has asked about level 8? Astounding game, btw.


Alight is a deep game that kept me absorbed from start to finish. Although the gameplay doesn't have much variety, the story will keep you playing from start to finish. The pixel art style gives this game a vintage platforming feel and the soundtrack helps set a dream like ambient tone. The challenging achievements give this game plenty of replay value. This game is not for everyone but if playing an introspective, atmospheric platforming game (similar to Braid) interests you Alight is definitely worth a playthrough or two.


Interesting Flash! Great animations and story.

Immersive, Poignant

This game is raw and heartfelt. Thank you.

Story is good... gameplay is not

And I shall remind you that gameplay is more important than story in a "platformer" game. If you want to emphasize the story, you shall not use an experimental gameplay mechanism, or perhaps just put it in a graphic novel style. Also, the game can be faster. Saying that the game is boring is an understatement because we can just see houses and grassy platforms and walls. So repetitive.

P.S. The houses and platforms floating in the void reminds me of submachine 7, and it produces an eerie effect. I like it.