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Reviews for "The Z-Word"

Not my favorite game, but it's definitely decent

I'm not sure why, I just didn't care for this game that much. I mean, it had some pretty cool art and decent music, but at the same time, the animation on a few things seemed to be a bit glitchy, and you only had three lanes you could switch into instead of being able to roam around freely like in other games that are like this one. Also, I ran into a few bugs here and there, but they weren't huge or anything. Otherwise, it's a decent game, I just think that some parts of it could be improved a little bit, but again you have to keep in mind that this is all just my personal opinion, nobody else's.

Also, a little side note here, everything you can click on or move you can overload with requests (if that makes any sense, I don't know how to word that any better). By overloading something with requests, I mean you can move the cursor on the select screen back and forth really fast while it moves slowly and it'll keep going back and forth.


if you have problems with the vampires just upgrade your katana to the max it kills vamps in 1 hit without having to use the stake. and if your having trouble with the first boss all you do is jump on the box then on the door and then the balcony then hit the junction box and beat the hell out of him while hes getting electrocuted. this game was fun and i didnt have any problems with it at all.

Pretty decent,

Good art, nice game play, it had a few bugs, but definitely not the worst game.
I liked the game for the most part, when you level up any one weapon, it totally eliminates the need for the other two. A few bugs to patch, and other than that, you should totally make a sequel. Also, I would have given this a 5 or 6, but I'll pop you up to an 8 because of the twilight thing and the fat chicks (totally got that), but this "Flash is crunk, Fo' shizzle!"

Get a tester, ???, profit

This game needs some tweaks for to be very good. It isn't obvious what you need to do when you die to use another life (hit the attack button) and there are several apparent glitches besides. Having a fully upgraded weapon makes the attack glitchy, for instance, and it won't always do damage. This is a problem when most enemies do damage so quickly.

People in other reviews have mentioned certain mechanical things they don't like (hitting 1 enemy at a time, bodyblocking by enemies and especially the vampires, etc) and those are also something to note.

The game itself is quite solid, a challenge with the bosses, albeit rather short. Get someone to help you test your games, because if you do, then I'm sure you can make something really great. This is just good because it's so frustrating sometimes.

I found a major problem with this game

I noticed there are three levels on the screen that the character can stand on, like the lanes on a city road. When I play it, I can't use any spells in the center lane because the sprites are twitchy. It always goes into split second intervals between the idle stance and the charging stance, which keeps me from charging up mana for an attack. I also can't jump while in the center lane, which is annoying considering I can in the top and bottom lanes. Overall, this is a good concept, but the gameplay needs to be a bit more fluid, and you need to work on the bugs.