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Reviews for "The Z-Word"

Pretty Fun, has some problems though

The game it's pretty well made, the artwork it's fitting and the music gives a "zombie" vibe that helps bring up the game's atmosphere, overall, the concept is good.

The main problem are the controls (4 keys in a single road is awful, another layout such as "wasd" for movement, "q" & "e" for weapon swapping and item using and "space" for jumping would work a lot better, in my opinion.

A secondary problem is that some aspects of the game are bugged, dashing worked half of the time, i don't know why, the vampires become unkillable if they band together, one shields the other from hits, mainly because weapons only hit a single enemy, even if they are in the same spot (big BIG mistake, refer to every other beat em up in history)

Other than that, i loved the game (the upgrades and perks are pretty cool IMO, the magic charging, not so much)

Great Idea, Great Art, Flawed Product.

I like this game, or at least I want to. The art/graphics are well done, the music is up to par, and the concept behind the game is well fleshed out. My main problem with this game is the godaweful controls. I dont know if its just me, but the kind of delay (disregarding the altogether sluggish cadence of the fighting) you get in your attacks is unforgivable in what amounts to a hack'n slash game. Also, when I died, that was it. I tried to reload the level, and all I got was my corpse sitting at the start of the level. I dont know if anyone else had that problem, but its not the sort of thing you can just let slide. Overall, this game is admirable, if only because of the obvious amount of TLC that went into its creation. However, Im sorry to say, I can not give this game anything better than a 6, mostly due to aforementioned flaws, which are, sadly, crippling to a potentially great game.

Love the Seinfeld reference

overall it was a pretty good game, I enjoyed it but again it was not without it's bugs and glitches so 9/10

first boss fight o.o

ummm, i dont know what to do with the first boss. Regardless, very nice and retro beat em up :3

Just a nice game

So @ the creator, all were talking about glitches but i didn't find one.
Everything worked fine! At dash you only have to walk and press the arrow again, works fine.
About the game, Grenades aren't fitting to the style of the game somehow...
But! I think the boss fights were pretty awesome and some "jokes" were also there, i enjoyed the game very much. You could add more types of enemys if you do an sequel, or add some more original weapon upgrades, like the katana changes it's visual style, for example.
At least, keep up your good work!!