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Reviews for "The Z-Word"

cool so far

few hit detection problems i havent seen anyother bugs really besides i havent figured out how to beat the first boss ill be trying again soon

Controls could use a bit of work

Too many buttons to take care of imho. Makes for a confusing/awkward play experiene imho.
Inventory should, maybe, be driven by the number keys.

Weapon range/hit detection is a bit too small, for some ennemies i can see a hit but it doesnt register.

Its annoying that some weapons have no effect watsoever on some ennemies, like katana on vampires doesnt even make them flinch. They just keep on doing their thing as if we were blowing air at them.

When we lose i cant seem to -not- choose to buy lives.

I just stop playing at that point. Good potential, good stuff in your game but im not finding it fun to play.

Not my favorite game, but it's definitely decent

I'm not sure why, I just didn't care for this game that much. I mean, it had some pretty cool art and decent music, but at the same time, the animation on a few things seemed to be a bit glitchy, and you only had three lanes you could switch into instead of being able to roam around freely like in other games that are like this one. Also, I ran into a few bugs here and there, but they weren't huge or anything. Otherwise, it's a decent game, I just think that some parts of it could be improved a little bit, but again you have to keep in mind that this is all just my personal opinion, nobody else's.

Also, a little side note here, everything you can click on or move you can overload with requests (if that makes any sense, I don't know how to word that any better). By overloading something with requests, I mean you can move the cursor on the select screen back and forth really fast while it moves slowly and it'll keep going back and forth.


but too short and it's too easy once you have all bought, and it's easy too all bought.

PS: how get avenger achievement?


i like it. once you get used to the controls then its a great game