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Reviews for "The Z-Word"

work on gameplay

The game would be great, but the bad gameplay ruins it. I can't move diagonally across the board at all. it's very choppy and cumbersome. Check out some beat em up games out there like Scott Pilgrim or Streets of Rage. Compare their gameplay to yours and you'll see the difference. Also, you should put the option to change the controls. I don't like the controls i'm forced to play with.

Lol cant even play the damn game.

Im spamming D ._. using chrome flash is up too date. Lool.


Was an okay game, I didn't run into glitches like every else...but, nothing oracular spectacular

Too Buggy

I like the concept, I like where it's heading, however it's so buggy, it's virtually unplayable. You really can't get anywhere because it lags, and going through the tutorial is like wading through quick sand. Also the controls are atrocious, they seem to be all over the keyboard instead of one central area. The game has potential, but do please test your game thoroughly next time, and make the controls, more centralized and easier to use.


good set up but not good keep trying and u could maybe get it good