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Reviews for "The Z-Word"

A fun tribute to old school beat-em-ups

I feel like every bad review I've read for this game is from someone who couldn't figure something out and rated it badly as a result. For example someone said he was dead on the ground and the arrow keys did nothing... yeah that's cause you press D to get up.

The most annoying reviews are the ones complaining about the slow attacks. It's got RPG elements for a reason. The weapons start off slow and weak because you UPGRADE them.

I really like this game. It doesn't hand-hold and explain how to do everything and for a game so short it was surprisingly deep. For example needing to uupgrade different weapons being better for different enemies. You actually have to jump onto the dog to use him.

My complaints are about personal choices. I don't think the stake should 1hko werewolves. I think you should be forced to use crossbow bolts for that. The slimes were annoying because they were the only thing I couldn't figure out how to 1hko, besides using a magic power. Also, it was a little too easy once you upgrade a bit and figure things out. You could die pretty fast if you got caught, but then again with all the "money" you make it doesn't matter. 100 gibs for a life? With the money perk maxed out you can get that from like 2 kills. Finally, while the first boss had the puzzle to hurt him, and the second boss had a special way to kill him, the final boss had only a bunch of dodging although I liked the old-school turn-based rpg style fighting, I expected some kind of puzzle.

In all a fun beat-em-up with actually useful RPG elements. Very little hand-holding relative to how many things you have to figure out on your own. Once you figure it out however, it gets really easy.

fun but with some glitches

when i got to the last boss i used the dog, i died and since then my character could attack with the dog's power (without the dog!) i finished the game and the power even continues in the menu screen!

but overall really fun game, i ended playing after finishing it

good game, but has problems...

animation is spotty, movement is a mess, when i am moving up and down the play field the player jumps and spas-isms like she's have an sezire... at first i thought this was going to be a zombie game (given the title alone) but then i see the character looks a lot like buffy the vampire slayer from the tv show with vampires, smiles, and other enemies graphics are good, but the death animations are a lil lacking... the music is solid, and has a catchy beat you have a great idea here, but the game feels incomplete, but that's just me...


just finished and had a lot of fun. also for those of you who cant beat sebastian, you need to electrocute him to attack


its fun but i cant figure out how to even hurt the boss. maybe i just suck, but it should realy be more intuitive, at least giving you a hint. would have been 10.