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Reviews for "The Z-Word"

Fun but pretty short

a very fun game but they need to make it longer. its awesome you get to kill vampires werewolfs and zombies.just need to make it longer.

fun yet glitchy ps. the girl is awsome

i love the game yet the glitches are hard to get over like ware it gust stops and you have to restart the level but the bosses are fun hard and interesting and the jokes are not bad i dont find them funny but they are not bad and the player is a girl that likes video games is blond and kills zombies,vampiers,warwulves. so ya awsome.


The game was stuck at the beggining of the second stage, no ennemy, can't go futher.

I see an issue

Great concept, just needs a little polish, a few more stages, more upgrades, new enemies, and more difficult enemies, leveling as well requiring food, ala - River City Ransom/Scott Pilgrim. Then you really have something on your hands that should not merely be released for free.

Talk to me if interested.

Anyway - Aside from that, It appears as though level 3 is locked despite how many times I defeat the boss.


This game was a lot of fun, the only problem i saw, other than the occasional zombie bot moving or being able to kill it was that it was kind of short. If it had a stage or two more then i might have liked it more. In doing this the upgrade system would have to be recreated so that things costed a little more and the same for the shop. But other than that is was an awesome game, I hope that there will be second one!!!!!