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Reviews for "The Z-Word"

O.O Fucking Awesome!!!

I saw this game just kind of browsing, but I started to play it and it blew my mind. I for one love the 8-bit theme (NES) and the music and the graphics were cute, that's what really sold it for me. Plus I liked all the different options for leveling up. BTW loved the fifth spell, that was awesome how his fists were like a hurricane :D I wish i could give more than a 10 on this.


This game is awesome, at first I was thinking 'WTF, there are too many zombie games'. However, as there are not only zombies, this is definetly one of my favorites, not to mention the music, as it's very fitting. And I love the music too.
P.S: Anyone know how to beat Sebastian? (the first boss on Level 1)

A chip off the old block. EXTRAORIDANRY~

A first i thought, "oh no, not another zombie game =_=" Then i clicked play...then i shopped..... then i couldnt stop playing till i killed the first boss.... and kept going. I like this game for several reasons: 1. It is different from most zombie games from this site, you have added a fantasy aspect that no one else seemed to think of: Magic. Althought your stuck with one spell, it is a creative touch. 2. Enemy and method of defeat: you have added something to the "normal" zombie attack: Slimes, vampires, werewolfs, etc, thus leaving the player unable to predict what they will face next. The dash feature (pressing the same directional key twice, you people should really read the instructions) is also a good add-on. 3. Environmental interaction: Like most games, you interaction with your surroundings to get stuff, but unlike others, you have added to it by having to use your environment effective in order to proceed to the next stage: Stage One; fighting the Slime king, is a very good example. 4. A meaty currency: Unlike most zombie games, you leave behind the remains of your undead foe, but instead you have turned it into the currency of the game, so instead of likle most zombie games where you try to run away or avoid the enemy at all cost, you have made it so that you created an urge for the player to confront the enemy, thus collecting bits to trade in for stuff. 5. The shop system, thought simple, i think that it was a nice touch, getting the items that you need, like health packs, mana potions, and the biggest pay off: getting more lives. The reason that i have deducted a star from the perfect 10 for several reasons: 1. Graphics: althought I did notice that you tried for the NES angle, and I admit that each level that you created did have a NES feel to it, the magic (fireball) and the enemies (zombie and slimes) could have had a little more effort put into them. I did like the werewolf, however. 2. OS: The levels were quite long and you dont get a change of music until the boss, which means your listening to the same song over and over and over again, and for that reason i think, people will click the BACK button on there browser and go elsewhere. I think that you should have different music for different scenrios: EX. intro music, music for beginning of stage, music during the stage, music for when a "horde" is apporaching, and last but not least, the shop music. Besides from those two pointers: i highly recommand you to make a Z-word 2. I enjoyed the game very much, and hope to see you try to enfuse different themes in the futhure!

Stacked vampires cant be killed.

At least not all at once. You can only hurt them one at a time which really sucks(no pun intended). Infact if enough of them get together then you are screwed. Theres no way to kill them unless you have one hit. The controls are a sticky at some parts.
Also i wished the enemies would come out faster. I was stuck waiting for like 20 seconds for the last guy to come out. Maybe he was eating brains off screen.

I do like the retro feel and the plethora of upgrading options. Just needs some work to tighten it up a bit and work out some more of those bugs.

Amazing Game

I love this game for all its retro pixelated glory! I loved playing these side scrolling beat em up games since i was young and played em on the SN. I like your style. Controls were a bit tricky at first but you get the hang of it pretty quick. I regret to say i found a bug/glicht thats annoying me. When i get to level one and i beat my way through the first slide of baddies i find myself infront of the book store. And after i take them all down the game just freezes. I mean i can move around but the game wont let me continue and theres no more monsters on screen. I dont kno if its my computer or browser but ive refreshed many times with no results. Im just stuck>_<. Wich sucks because i really want to play through the rest of this great game. So could you check on that so i continue my senseless beating of all these monsters? Regardless of this, i give you the score you deserve sir. 5/5 10/10