Reviews for "GoBots: The Game"

Is it....?

Is Leader-1 from Gobots? Cause' he was in Transformers Armada.


the game dont work

Boy would make a great atari game

It just feels like one for some reason


I get it.. Worst graphics ever. no scrolling. worst controls ever. the robots just walk right trough u and the beams coming from the arms of the player robot reaches about 1,5 meter. nuff said..

to the guy below me

No its not google GOBOTS youll find some intresting stuff in a way it is related to transformers though....(to the review) i LOVED playin this game the only set back for me was that it needed more levels maybe afew more different enemies a boss and more GoBots to play as besides Leader 1 could do try workin on GOBOTS: the Game V.2