Reviews for "GoBots: The Game"

Guess who the fuck is a troll??

the fag jedy33.But anyways game...awesome.. thats all i gotta say thats all that needs to be said in my mind :D

rofl wtf

what the hell? Is this supposed to be Starscream defending a burning piece of green s**t cuz that is what is is like. srsly wtf is the point here?!?!

go bots...

if this had been Transformers instead (superficial change) this could have been the TF game from the 80s i always wanted and never got (damn you convo no nazo) any chance of a transformers face lift version, cud follow plot of first episode, cud probably use the levels from this just tweaked. first 3 was apt. i died after that

Basic mechanics are ok

I'd say it could use another 72 hours.


this game sucks so hard that your health is going down from it! Blast this piece 'o crap!