Reviews for "GoBots: The Game"

Are you serious ???

I sincerily like retro-style games when they are well-done, but this one is really ugly and its control is really awful. And I won't extend myself on the soundtrack, the same 4-bit quality music during the whole game and no sound effects. And if you are seriously planning to make a sequel and make players pay for it, that's pretty bold form you.


Why the HELL did you make it the control key to transform? Shit was happening everywhere on my computer! Otherwise, the music was extremely annoying.


i don't like this game but that is because this game isn't my type someone else might have a different opinion


it's not fun at all...

Game is okay

Frontpage tho? no

And timelimit isn't an excuse

It got very fast repetive, and the controls where a bit anoing (specialy that to shot forward, i often had to fly backwards, then press forward again, i kno its smart to be able to turn around to shot people in the back.. but got anoing after a while)

decent gfx, skipped the intro because the music was screwing with my music in the background :P