Reviews for "GoBots: The Game"


i dont really like it much it was about 50/50 so don,t like it don't hate it really

Its decent

Its a pretty decent game its fun, challenging and mildly addicting and i recommend it to people looking for something to do.


people have been giving bad reviews on this game, I really enjoyed it. I would of given you a 10 but need proper cut scenes instead of just words. Also the helicopter dudes are a pain in the arse when they fly really close to your base and open up. Other than that good story, nice side levels and awesome transformations!!!

not the best

This is not the most fun you can have with go bots.
Were do i begin???:
1) The controlles are awful, by the time you go from jet to robot the enemies are already past you.
2) I have yet to find a storyline while playing the game.
3) i understand the graphcs are 8-bit but even with 8-bit graphics i should be able to tell what iam defending.
4) and finaly the bullets dont even go that far its like i have to be rite infront of the guy to hit him.
2 stars for effort

good 8-bit game

hard. but good i guess