Reviews for "GoBots: The Game"


Wow sir, I made an account just to rate this game 10 stars. While in the midst of thee immersiveness, I found myself wondering that this game seemed very familiar. After seconds of pursuing my feeling, I learned that this magnificent modern Mona Lisa in gaming form was made by no other then the same people who made and perfected the "Reach the end series". I was esteemed that my favorite game developers also made the game we all know and love "GoBots: The Game", I will now know that every game in your future can also be as great as these games you produced, and I'm looking forward to that hopefully soon time my brethren. Now on to my review of this game, or rather should I say non stop well deserving praise. This game follows no genre, but instead creates is own. There was absolutely no signs of repetitiveness in this game, but only non-stop greatness with stunning visual spectacles. I one day would like to learn your tricks for making such a great game with controls that muster the "call of dutah"....oh what am I saying thinking I could learn your tricks. It would take a decade to learn of them all let alone a whole life to master. You sir though are a genious with unbeliable potential, do I think you could make a game greater than this? I have my doubts but you did make this game so I believe you could make an even superior one. Till then, so lone my idol and friend. :D


What a great game, once again, I found a great game that keeps me from going outside and having a social life. Good Job! Considering that you only had 72 hours to make this, it is amazing what you have accomplished, you must've not slept for those 3 days haha.

ok but not good

the game is ok considering what its based off
the mechanics are iffy
maby improve controls