Reviews for "GoBots: The Game"

a complete waste

This game was a complete waste in the sense that it was a waste of my time, a waste of your time, and probably came to this through you wasting your time. The music was annoying, experience just gave me a longer blast, ON THE GROUND, which wasn't that helpful when the motorcycle robot couldn't be hit until after he shot his half of the screen laser only after he transformed. But, if I went off into the sky to avoid it or to shoot down a jet, then he would shoot the base. After he would do that, I could try to come down, but his firerate is faster than necessary as it is a GIANT laser that would need more than a second to charge up. What were you thinking? Plus, when flying through space you don't lose speed for hitting an asteroid which is the whole reason for dodging them. Do you not know programming? Many people have also stated that transforming takes too long and I agree it does, nice, but because you made such a hectic game, you shouldn't have to take so long to transform. Back to the experience thing, I would much rather prefer it if it would level up your beam so you can shoot upwards as well as downwards to shoot at those motorcycles. This game wasn't well thought out at all, and all it ended up being was a waste of time.


what crappy game did i just play?

What was the point of this?

You can't move very far at all, and why can't you destroy the other robots?!? I'm just going to go out and say it.....IT SUCKED!!!

Well, considering...

I have seen alot better games than this and that is being very gernerous, but considering that you only made this in 72 hours... just don't think your going to get very high remarks for this.


a bit bad