Reviews for "GoBots: The Game"


i liked the idea of transforming

but the gameplay was too simple, and repetitive.


Wow if this made the front page im scared to see what the other recent submissions are like.

I allways like to critique and try to break a review down and be constructive but im challenged here. Well lets try

Musix/sounds- Absolute crap, i feel like i put my ear through a cheese grater. I turned off my speakers after 10 seconds.

Graphics- Very crude pixel art, however the movement is smooth and the transformation animation is nice, annoying because its too slow for the gameplay but nice to look at.

Gameplay- Did you even playtest this???? The number of times a jet would come in high, i would transform and fly up only to have the jet transform and run under me into the base. As i said before the transform animation gets you killed because its too slow. I finished up standing in front of the base in man form and spammed shoot, it kept me alive longer than any other tactic. So not even pretending to be fun.

So to sum up.... I dont need to do I


You could have done so much better than this within 3 days.
Your pixel art was of terrible execution and just lazy. I'm guessing you designed each robot in five minutes, and the background in ten. Put more time in that. If only the remaining hours were actually spent in coding something decent...

The hitboxes were very messy ; the transformation time was an unnecessary addition as foes would often reach the base before you could attempt to hit them ; the controls were barely responsive.

The sound effects and the music shared the same level of annoyance : high. Even retro music needs the work of a professional, don't do it yourself if you're no composer.

The game isn't fun to play. Thanks to its short nature, I didn't get very bored of it. It's a chore and a (little) waste of time.
A question, did you attempt to understand how a fighter jet behaves while flying ? The way it rises and descends is just wrong.

I never did read War of the Gobots, and this didn't make me want to read it.


Sorry, but the music sucked, graphics sucked, and the gameplay sucked. Really feel as though I have wasted a good 5 minutes of my time trying to see if it got any better. I know you didn't have very long to make it, but you could have made somthing decent. This just sucked. Sorry.

ok but not food

the lame is ok considering what it is raced off
the mechanics are spiffy
maby improve my spelling