Reviews for "Myth Runner"

A great game that could use a bit of tweaking.

For two days, non-stop work, you guys a fine job. If you have time though, I would suggest tweaking Jacob a bit; sure, you can jump earlier in anticipation to an upcoming building, but if you slow him down just a little bit, it would be a bit easier to jump buildings. For you commendable work given that you were only working for two days on this given project, I give you the Saikyo Seal of Approval!

Fair gimmick

Not that Im a particular fan of any of the book series used for inspiration here, but the mechanics work out fairly. One thing I'd say would have been nice would have been a way to control jump height. Precision jumping is key on any platformer and to lack at least the ability to control how high I jumped is a functionality that's been present in gaming for 30 years, so lacking it here is rather awkward.

Everything else worked fine, though, so I'll give a 7 for effort.

Do Want

This game is ill, I really like being able to recharge the transformation timer by collecting the appropriate book. It would be better if one could transform into another character mid-transformation though, instead of returning to human form and then transforming again. Also the idea of combination sounds cool, look into that please.


I loved this game, it is hilariously awesome. I'm wondering if it is possible to pull a double transform (have 5 of two books) or even a triple. If it isn't, perhaps you could consider adding it in (Jaws/Harry Potter for shark with cannons of some sort, add in the wolf for speed up). Overall, it is a really good game for being made in only 2 days.


I love the transformation concept but lack of difficulty and lack of A MUTE BUTTON really bring the entire thing down.
Otherwise keep it up.