Reviews for "Myth Runner"

Pretty cool...

However, it very much needs the ability to double jump.

awesome but...

it should have been called transformer runner!

nice simple game

This game brought back some great gaming feelings last seen in Canbalot. However, unlike what ManBearPig2021 said, I see this as not a canbalot ripoff, but a very separate game. I don't know what any member of game jam 5 would say about this game concerning the fact that you aren't making a game from a book, you are making a game with a single character from the books. Also, I didn't like that I died every time I stopped being Harry.


gets boring within a minute or 2 only thing good about the game is the ff 7 song they used

Canabalt with books

this game is literally a canabalt ripoff with books where you transform and upon disengaging transformation you end up falling to your death.

the game works but needs more work, but either way the idea has already been done and its not engaging in any other way so the concept is good but the turn out sucks.